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Can You Convert a Delaware LLC Into a Series LLC?

Forming an LLC is an important first step of any business venture. The sooner you choose a legal entity for your business, the sooner you protect yourself from personal liability. If you feel that your business has outgrown its legal structure, you may wonder if you can convert a Delaware LLC into a Series LLC. […]

Grow Your Business With a Series LLC

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of businesses fail in their first year, and only 50% will make it to their fifth year. One of the main reasons businesses fail is inflexibility. You often find inflexibility in a company’s business plan, however, it can also show up in its legal structure. More traditional […]

What Is the Series LLC Operating Agreement, and Why Is It Important?

The Delaware Series LLC has become increasingly popular amongst “serial entrepreneurs”. This dynamic business structure offers an efficient way to maintain multiple businesses under one entity roof. Delaware law requires Series LLCs to have a private Operating Agreement to govern the company’s internal affairs. Series LLC owners have complete freedom to customize the legal structure […]

Should I Use An Umbrella LLC or A Series LLC?

Serial entrepreneurs often explore multiple business opportunities simultaneously. Did you know that you may not need a whole new LLC to start a new line of business? You can use your current LLC and maintain different lines of business under one entity. This practice is often referred to as forming an Umbrella LLC structure. Using […]